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"Choronas" is the name of the group formed by four musicians, who enchant and move the audiences playing unique rhythms of Brazilian music: choro, baião, maxixe and samba. Ana Cláudia, Gabriela Machado, Paola Picherzky and Miriam Capua mingle the sounds of acclaimed and unknown, traditional and new pieces.

“Our third album, “O Brasil Toca Choro” (“Brazil plays Choro”), is a tribute. It was conceived in 2005, when we performed several concerts in different Brazilian cities to celebrate the 20 years of our career as a group. During these trips, we met some musicians and composers with whom we had the privilege to share experiences and play. Thanks to the generosity of these composers, we were able to gather a collection of very touching and unpublished pieces that aroused in us the desire to record some of them in an album. We also recorded some traditional pieces that had been part of our repertoire for some time for their relevance within the Brazilian musical culture.” Choronas.

"I was surprised and happy to learn that these “ladies” are dedicated to a cause that few young people dare to embrace nowadays. Using the language of “choro”, they demonstrate knowledge, dedication and lightness. These are subtleties that touch the heart and keep the dignity of good music."

Nailor Azevedo (Proveta)

Introducing the album “Choronas Convida”

“You are keeping the tradition of the “choro” beneath your souls and hands. From the art of the clever flute, through the bass lines of the guitar, the division of harmony and rhythm between the cavaquinho and the tambourine, everything is cheerful beauty that emanates from your arrangements and interpretations in such refined way."

Roberto Sion
Introducing the album “Atraente”


Flavia Mosque & Lilian Alves, two creative women driven by the artistic expression through the human body and environment are responsible for the brand BocaDeCena - Costumes & Visual Production.

“From the needs and desires of our client and the observation and research of the exposed context, we superimpose technical aspects of ergonomics to the creative concept.

We seek to find, in each situation required, the solution needed to complement and harmonize the dialogue with the rest of the image that will be shown to the audience. We attend to the translation of that image through various forms, such as the theater, cinema, TV, music and staff.

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